Romeo and Juliet

Let’s picture the story of Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ It has romance, fury, friendship, heartbreak, and hope. It’s a captivating story, experiencing hundreds to thousands of iterations over the years. Shakespeare performed it as a play, but it’s offered on audio tape. Which performance would you rather experience? Most would seek the play; it’s more stimulating, accounting for more senses.

What are you trying to achieve in hosting a blog? It’s likely you want attention – why else would you bother creating something to share? How are you stimulating readers and driving attention to content? Is your blog experience more like the audio tape or Shakespeare’s live performances?

While a blog could never be an actual ‘live performance,’ one could broadcast animated content, even real-time content by using video. Does your blog need more video? It’s not just a personal question. Which varieties of content would your blog readers prefer?

Quick and Effective

Since the dawn of television, brands find ways to get mentioned directly or indirectly. Leveraging video-associated platforms, like Instagram and Vine, brands may produce short clips and commercials, featuring products, services, personalities, advocates and more.

The possibilities are limitless, opening doors of creativity and new ways of intriguing consumers. Would you like to enhance the message of your latest blog post? Could you do it by featuring a video clip? Research shows multimedia experiences, featuring text in combination with other prompts such as videos and pictures, increase the likelihood of positive viewer reception.

Online Trends

In performing a bit of online research, one finds the video platform YouTube among the Web’s most populated sites. Why? Consumers enjoy the video experience, seeing and hearing information related to sought brands, personalities, and commodities. Thirty years ago, it would be an error to omit one’s business from Yellow Page listings; the same is coming true for online video. It serves as benefit, making your brand appear in front of browser traffic.

If all your business consumers lived by the shore during the summer season, would you advertise services in the city? It would be more effective to follow your brand’s traffic and commercial opportunity. That’s what those who feature video on their blogs are doing; tracing the online behavior and presence of consumers.


Your brand offers a soft drink, so do twenty other brands. How is your brand going to make a better impression on potential consumers? It must distinguish itself from the crowd. Imagine you own a painting service. In the search engine, all results served for services in your area feature text-only responses-except for yours; regardless of result position, it’s distinct from the rest. Not only is it distinct in the search results, but if no other brands feature videos, your variety of information is more distinct, placing you at a steep advantage over competitors.

Does your blog need more video? Considering the above advantages, it’s likely. Each day, week, month, or season without implementing video means more time for your competitors make the modification. Do you need more video? Do your visitors deserve a better viewing experience?

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